Shea Butter Babies Stand Up!

Hello Shea Butter Babies! We love Natural Products. One of our favorite features of shea butter is its natural multi-purpose usage. Shea Butter has a high concentration of vitamins and fatty acids that makes it great for smoothing, soothing and conditioning the hair and skin.


We’ve been heavy on reading skincare journals lately and they have taught us how beneficial shea butter is. It is an occlusive which means it increases moisture levels in the skin by providing a physical barrier to water loss. Basically, it is going to seal in the moisture of your skin. If your skin barrier has been compromised by your skincare routine, a great repair will be shea butter. 

If you have eczema or scarring, you skin is going to love shea butter! It helps to fade scars (acne, stretch marks, burns) and as we mentioned before, it also helps to soothe the skin. The stearic fatty acids in the shea moisture work well to help heal the skin. We love all things natural, and we love us our shea butter. It should be one of those holy grail natural products in your cabinet.

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I absolutely LOVE this shea butter! I use it on my face and skin and it helps alot with my dry skin. Definitely would recommend this for all skin types.

Jessie September 30, 2020

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