All Natural Jamaican Castor Oil

"All natural, nothing na enhance". Those were words spoken by Jamaican artiste Alkaline and even though he wasn't referring directly to our Jamaican Castor Oil, the shoe definitely fits. 

Our Jamaican Castor Oil is multi-purpose and can be used for cooking, skincare and haircare. Our Jamaican Castor Oil is all natural and manufactured in Portland, Jamaica with no salt or additional additives. 

Our Jamaican Castor Oil can be used as a natural moisturizer for your skin and hair. Castor Oil also helps with healing wounds and prevents them from drying out. This holy grail product and the reason everyone loves Jamaican Castor Oil is it keeps the hair and scalp healthy and stimulates hair growth. 

Jamaican Castor Oil is great when used in moderation. We recommend using it at nights or on the weekends. Apply to the scalp or roots of the hair. If you are doing a deep treatment, then let the Jamaican Castor Oil sit in your hair for 45 minutes with a plastic cap or a treatment cap for 20 minutes. If using the product on your eyebrows or eyelashes, use a little and apply using a spooley or an eyelash brush.

There is absolutely no way of avoiding the smell of castor oil but luckily for you, our Jamaican Castor Oil has a pleasant and easy to bare smell. It's definitely worth the time. 

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This castor oil is great! I’ve tried it for the first time last month and it’s not watery and it lasts..

Would definitely order again!

Lynn October 01, 2020

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