Jojoba Oil



Jojoba oil has a variety of healing properties that may make it effective in treating skin conditions like acne.

You can enjoy its benefits by using it as a cleanser, moisturizer, or spot treatment. It can typically be used anywhere on your body, including your face, without being diluted. 

Other benefits include: 

  • Seals moisture to your skin with a protective barrier to keep from losing moisture
  • Helps control sebum production
  • Promotes Collagen Synthesis
  • Helps speed up wound healing  
  • Help Treat Acne 
  • Help Reduce Fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Antibacterial and antioxidant 
  • Hypoallergenic 


The way you use jojoba oil depends on your desired result. You can use it as a lip balm to soothe dry, cracked lips, or you can apply it all over your face before bed as an anti-aging serum.

You may also mix jojoba oil with other natural acne-fighting ingredients into a DIY mask treatment to improve acne

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