One Love, One World

If we were to ask anyone outside of Jamaica what comes to mind when they think of Reggae, Bob Marley is often their first response. Primarily because he is the mainstream legend of reggae music; evoking the feelings of peace, equality, and fairness through his music. We designed our One Love tee's with this thought in mind. 

The “let’s get to together and feel alright” from Bob Marley’s hit song “One Love” was the catalyst for the creation of these shirts. We want to spread the message of peace, unity, and love to all. In any given day, we do not know what another person is struggling with and knowing that they can rely on a stranger to share with them peace and kindness is what the world needs  

We went with the Rasta theme because when most people think of One Love, they think of Bob Marley. That is the connection we felt was important to create. We wanted to create something for Reggae Lovers, Bob Marley fans and the anyone wanting to spread One Love can connect to. After all, we are one people; and we need to spread love. 

We currently have the One Love V-Neck Tees,  and One Love Crop Tops One Love Snap BacksOne Love Crew Neck One Love Tees available online and instore and they pair nicely with a One Love Face Mask One Love Face Masks

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